Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lithuania, stay strong, fight and repel the communism!

Current events are making me sick...As a patriot i'm disgusted by the way Lithuanian police works....Couple of teenagers hanged a huge poster under a bridge, which pictured 5 people standing over USSR flag and holding Lithuanian flag...Teenagers were brought to police station and beaten in there....SHAME ON YOU LITHUANIA,SHAME.....if you are interested more in this, here's publication in english:

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It takes real balls to start everything and follow your true dreams!

I haven't been in here for a while, but i am back...Reason i was gone is simple.... I have done my duty and served in Armed Forces of my country..Unlike popular belief,it's not army of clowns just wasting our money...while being in there i saw that men are highly trained, dedicated to their country and most important-true patriots! In Lithuania,service in armed forces is short just 3 months, but i after that, you might get a chance to sign up contract of 4 years, making you real part of the system.!!! Everything in there is fine, of course-you will get some pressure on you, but that's the way everything works, isn't it? I enjoyed my time in Armed forces, gained 14 kilos of weight( not fat ofc.) learned lots of interesting things and most important- now i know how to defend my country in need!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Degenerates of modern society
Everyday i go out i see lots of young people,who decided to become degenerates of modern society and remain nothing more, just a part of some "movement" as they say...I could count all the groups for damn long, so i will round up just few of them... 1-Swaggers...Posing bastards with their stupid hats and shit...People who want to display their importance, but fail in general.Using stupid sayings as YOLO and SWAG, mostly, without even knowing the meaning of that. 2-Hipsters...These have went like 20 years into past and dressing code is from there, same as having fun and everything else...Mostly pretending to care about problems of 3rd world and wishing all the best for everybody, but when it comes to problem solving, they mostly don't do a shit...Also,a male Hipster doesnt even look like a muscle mass, tight jeans,some sweather, which looks like he would have went 30 years into past and black,mostly square glasses..Pretending to be intelligent, but most of them lack even basic knowledge of history... 3-Junglists...These folks are hard to control,most of them are using weed often and law is nothing to them.Likes music, which makes no sense,often having lifestyle which is not even close compared hygienic living. i have named only 3 of these groups, sadly in past years they have been growing in numbers and started to call themselves a subculture, but they will never become anything else, than degenerated of our modern society...You might think, that the more-the better, but i say that we already have enough of real subcultures and it's time to stop, at least for a while.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lithuania in crossroad.

In these dark days, before election of new "Seimas"(That's bunch of politicians doing nothing and ruining nation) Lithuanian people must choose.We are planning to build new nuclear power plant,although there's some people who are saying no to it....Lithuania is now almost fully dependent on energy from east, so i dont see a reason why not to build it.Ofc i understand people who are saying no, because of nature, but think about it, if we wont build NPP we will still use energy from more "dirty" source, like burning coal or something like that.I support nature myself, so i agree with everybody who says that we need NPP to protect enviroment.Anyways, fuck Lithuania

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

working hard and having a good time

I am working in opera Festival again and believe me,work is hard,but this is what my soul needs.Moving sets,putting them into places-that's a better remedy than Jim Beam or Jack Daniel's together.Also i am earning some cash,but as a hard worker i am relaxing a lot too.If u ever see a guy in Savonlinna with grey parade jacket from German army who has a beard and glasses-That's me :) dont be shy,come and say hello. after this-pic from relaxation in local happytimebaari:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

well it looks all journeys have an end :(

Me and my Finnish girlfriend are parting our ways....ofc it's sad but lots of stuff happens in life and this is the case.Even if i am thinking what i have done wrong,she doesnt give me an straight answer.Doesnt matter,i dont even care anymore.Just dont want to accept her invitation "just to be friends" after all we had together.For anybody who has been left alone-

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

fucked up law #1

Since now i am starting to write about stupid law in Lithuania....Why? because person who is making those is on drugs for sure.....For example,now if somebody makes a graffiti on your wall without your permission you are responsible for it and you must clean it.You might ask why...Because you are getting fined by police,because "it's your property and you must guard it".I am not sure,but i think it's impossible to place an armed gunman at every corned to watch walls and such...